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American Gods - George Guidall, Neil Gaiman I'm so sick of this book, and I just found out there's a part 3(!!) with another 6 hours!!


I found this book disappointing. It seemed like such a good idea and I felt confident that Gaiman could deliver. I enjoyed the young adults books of his that I've read (The Graveyard Book and Coraline), and his fairy tales for adults (Stardust and Neverwhere), but I'm not sure that a novel is really his thing. It was too complicated and rambling, too self-indulgent. I can tell which characters he loves to write because they won't shut up! I found the language trite and uninspired, which I guess has a certain power when in a fairy tale, but is a real drawback in a novel and is really apparent when you're listening to an audiobook. I would still like to read the Sandman series, because I've heard so much about it, but I don't think I'll be reading Anansi Boys anytime soon.

A note about this audio edition. I didn't particularly love the reader. I think I might have liked him in a non-fiction book because he has a very nice voice, but I hated the way he did the dialogue, especially the female characters. I much preferred The Graveyard Book audiobook, which was read by Gaiman himself.